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Anchor chains and cables. Types of modifications

Depending on the purpose and operating conditions, anchor cables can be produced as a single unit without the use of connecting elements, and with a combination of Kenter connecting links.
To manufacture cables, both standard components and non-standard products are used according to the customer's drawings, or designed by the design and technology bureau of our company on the terms of reference.
Products design is carried out with the use of specialized programs that produce the necessary calculations for the product's compliance with strength and operating characteristics.
Modification 1 completed with anchor shot, shackle and first shot:


Modification 2 completed with swivel-shackle and first shot 


Modification 3 completed with first shots and end shackles:


Modification 4 completed with anchor shot, first shot and end shackles:


Modification 5 completed with first shots:


To ensure a long period of trouble-free operation, to prevent deformation and breakage of the anchor cable elements and anchor-mooring device, it is necessary to control that the load on the products is applied exclusively along the cable line, in accordance with the direction in which the elements of the product are tested. Applying the load at an angle to the length of the cable leads to the failure of the product.