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Parts production according to customer drawings

Red Anchor Factory JSC professionally manufactures metal parts to one-off or batch orders. Thanks to its large high-technology machine-tool fleet the company performs all kinds of high-precision machining using CNC machines and machining centers.

Since 2009 the company has retrofitted its core production facility related to manufacture of chains and its components and developed OEM metal-working business line. The metal-working facility is located on the territory of more than 2000 m2. Thoughtfully selected machine-tool fleet and highly qualified staff give confidence to manufacture parts of any complexity.

The machine-tool fleet includes turning and milling machines as well as gear-hobbing and special purpose machines:

- milling machining centers Huller Hille NBH6, Huller Hille NBH800 are successfully applied for machining complex-shape parts, e.g. multi-sided cutting, drilling and boring, machining planes at different angles and free-form surfaces.
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- vertical lathe Hessapp DVH 300 - compact turning machine equipped with a suspended motor spindle. High efficiency is provided by the integrated Pick-up system that allows automatically loading and unloading of the machine. DVH 300 can be used both in serial and mass production.


- complex and high-precision milling jobs are performed on high-quality Swiss CNC machining centers Mikron VCE 800, Mikron 1000 DURO (slots, steps and various surfaces when machining complex-shape parts)

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- multitask CNC lathe TRAUB TNA 400, applied for manufacturing of cutting tools as well as for machining of shafts, workpieces or bars.


- vertical machining centers Сincinnati CFV 800 i, Сincinnati CFV 800, Сincinnati CFV 1050i, for dies and molds machining.

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- CNC horizontal lathe VDF Boehringer 400 DUS with cycle control for OD turning, machining of tapered surfaces, sharpening faces and steps, turning grooves of different dimensions, workpiece cutting-off, ID turning of cylindrical and tapered surfaces, machining profile surfaces. 


- horizontal turning center VDF Boehringer 450-4T, applied for medium- and large-batch machining of complex parts: landing gears, pump drive shafts, gear shafts, cylinder transfer pipes, turbine shafts.


The design-&-engineering service will develop drawings and requirements specifications for manufacture of single components as well as complex structural units. The company’s design-and-engineering service interacts with leading Russian design laboratories and reliable partners from the UK, Israel and Germany.

Examples of turn-key part production projects including development of machining technology:

- machining of piston-rod


- machining of cylinders


- machining of shafts

- machining of T-pieces and cross-pieces

- machining of wheel-pairs

We sustain a competitive level of the metal-working production enabling us to consider the needs of machine-tool enterprises without compromising the quality of our products.

Our products are intended for various industrial and civil purposes:

  • ship-building;
  • automotive industry, 
  • railroad industry, 
  • instrumentation and electronics, 
  • energy, 
  • special-purpose machinery; 
  • road building.

How we work:

  • you send drawings or samples of workpieces to our common e-mail address 
  • within five working days we do effort estimation and calculate order cost 
  • after the lead time and price are agreed, we start to execute the order 
  • the finished products can be shipped with a freight forwarder or collected by the customer ex-factory 
  • you can find more information on our product range in section “Products”.