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Steel structures production

Production premises, technologies and equipment used by Red Anchor Factory JSC allow satisfying Customer’s needs for both batch and one-off manufacture of steel structures of various types and dimensions with the highest service properties for civil, industrial, construction and architectural purposes.

Available capacities allow Red Anchor Factory JSC producing steel structures, including ones equipped with power hydraulics and automation, weighing up to 25 tons.

Our enterprise carries out a full complex of works on steel structures manufacturing under individual requirements of Customers and observance of the state and international quality standards:
- structural design and development of drawings and 3D models strictly comply with the requirements specification in terms of dimensions and include calculation of compression, bending, stretching forces accordance with service conditions and features;
- purchase of metal and alloys (carbon, alloy and high-alloy types of steels) with incoming control in our own accredited laboratory with imitation of all possible effects on the material during operation;
- cutting blanks of all types of steel, including stainless steel, sheet material 2 - 50 mm thick and rods with diameter of 10-160 mm, as well as other preparatory operations;
- welding;
- assembly;
- ultrasonic inspection and magnetic particle inspection of all joints, acceptance by quality control department with quality assessment of each finished steel structure;
- cleaning and, if necessary, painting of finished products.