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Types of anticorrosive coatings

Uncoated chains, i.e. chains suitable for service without any coating protective coatings applied to their surface, are known to have the ideal strength characteristics. Nevertheless, service conditions and long term storage or transportation make protective or preservative coating necessary and advisable.

Red Anchor Factory JSC offers five types of coatings with different functional characteristics and purpose depending on service conditions.

1. Coating with preservation grease
Preservation grease is a kind of coating to protect products against negative influence of atmospheric precipitation during transportation or storage in enclosed premises for up to 3 months.

It is a preservation coating for transportation and long-term storage of products for up to 6 months in the open air.

3. Cold zinc
It is a coating designed to give resistance to harmful effects and it is a decorative coating.

4. Hot zinc
It is the most reliable product protection from environmental influence. Metal coating with a layer of hot zinc provides long-lasting and substantial safeguard even when used in aggressive environment. This coating is even and has a gray matte color, resistant to wear and chips when striking, it self-restores on the damaged areas. One of the key advantages is a significant savings in service as there is no need for repainting. This is one of the best coatings in respect of quality and durability.

5. Painting
It is a decorative and protective coating, which serves to give a smooth surface and resistance to environmental influence.


Any type of anticorrosive protection reduces breaking strength of chains up to 10% and the ultimate elongation to 20%, compared to untreated chains. All qualitative indicators for chains, such as workload and strength, remain unchanged.


Chain break test 30х108 mm
Strengthening (кН)
Elongation (%)
Without coating

Designations of coating types for ordering:
КС –  preservative lubricant
ZNОКР – painted – cold zinc
DHG – hot zinc
If an order does not specify any coating requirements, the chains are supplied unpreserved, with natural coating.