Material and product quality control laboratory

Red Anchor Factory JSC is proud for their test laboratory.

The test laboratory has the following certificates:
- Certificate of test laboratory recognition by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping No 16.51840.130 dated 16.08.2016, valid till 16.08.2021,
- Certificate of test laboratory recognition by the Russian River Register No 02813 dated 05.12.2016, valid till 05.12.2018.

The laboratory carries out a broad variety of test for different types of products at a high technical level and highly automated processes of testing, measuring and result estimation.

The test laboratory is qualified to carry out tests for definition of chemical composition of steels and alloys, mechanical properties of metallic materials (tensile strength, impact bending,  hardness test, macro- and microstructural analysis, proof load and destructive load tests), geometric and weight parameters. Upon the results test protocols are drawn up.

The laboratory is tooled up with up-to-date verified test equipment and the newest measuring instrumentation:

  • for tensile, bending, flexure, impact bending and hardness tests modern test machines are used. The range of max loads is 50-5000 kN. For tear tests standard samples as well as finished products are used (chains, fixtures etc).
  • an advanced optical emission spectrometer OBLF QSN 750 is used for analysis of chemical composition of steels and copper alloys; its element detection accuracy is 0,001%. Steel composition measurement includes 22 elements content including rare ones such as boron, cobalt, nitrogen, niobium, vanadium, wolframium, arsenic. Copper alloys measurement includes 15 elements;
  • to analyze micro-structure of metals an inverted metallurgic microscope Nikon Eclipse МA100 is used as well as stereomicroscope Nikon SMZ745Т
  • to define micro-hardness of metals a microscope (micro-hardness tester) ПМТ-3 is used;
  • for geometrical parameters checking a set of standard measuring instrumentation is used;
  • to define weight characteristics within a wide range, various weight scales are used, such as ВСЛ-200/0,1А with measuring range 0,01-205 г and accuracy 0,001 g, electronic crane scales with max measuring range up to 2 t, 5 t, 10 t and accuracy 1, 2, 5 kg respectively.

The laboratory personnel are professionals with many years of experience in testing. All employees are constantly improving their professional skills and take part in industry-specific conferences and workshops.

We guarantee objectiveness, independence and impartiality when testing as well as accuracy and integrity of the results.