Production system

Red Anchor Factory JSC has successfully implemented and is constantly improving a certified quality management system.

One of the main principles of the quality management system is "constant improvement". Taking this principle as a basis, Red Anchor Factory JSC management decided to put in place its own Production system.

The Production system development and implementation at Red Anchor Factory JSC started on November 1, 2012. It was then that the CEO of the factory set a goal to cut costs, improve product quality and labor productivity, and as a result - reduce the prime-cost of the finished products.

A new department for Production System implementation was created to ensure the system smooth launching and sustaining and training for operational personnel in the basics of Red Anchor Factory JSC Production system was started.

The System main principle is meeting costumer's needs within the shortest time and the minimum possible resource input at the required level of quality.

The Red Anchor Factory JSC Production System sets the following goals:
  • organization of addressed storage system and FIFO system at the warehouses; 
  • reduction of unfinished products volume; 
  • reduction of cycle time; 
  • enhancement of production culture level; 
  • development of equipment downtime recording system (ОЕЕ); 
  • reduction of equipment readjustment time; 
  • development and implementation of an efficient system for equipment preventive maintenance;
  • development and management of a quality circles system; 
  • reduction of product return percentage for rework; 
  • increase of in-house tool production acceptance rate after the first inspection; 
  • creating an effective human resources management system (labor intensity database);
  • implementation of team-based form of labor organization; 
  • development of efficient system for submission of improvement applications.