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Our strategic targets: 
- manufacture of products complying with consumers’ requirements within agreed timeframe at competitive price;
- achieving high productivity and efficiency of the personnel work to sustain firm financial and economic state and growth of the company.

The targets are achieved through implementation of the following principles: 
- systematic analysis of current and predicted consumers’ expectations and objective estimation of their satisfaction level for consumers’ loyalty enhancement;
- building mutually profitable partnership with suppliers and consumers;
- enhancement of production efficiency through implementation of progressive methods, measuring and control instrumentation, costs optimization, development of labor productivity;
-  constant perfection of production processes and products control; 
-  reduction of the number of non-conformances revealed at the product development and sales phase;
- building a united team of professionals through realization of principles of personal motivation, personal responsibility of every employee for quality of their work and permanent training for achieving and maintaining required skill level, involvement of workers from all levels in the improvement process of the company activity, recognition and incentive for achievements and initiative; 
-  timely adoption of measures to prevent non-conformance, data acquisition and analysis on real quality of products;
- perfection of methods for process data acquisition and improvement of data processing technologies for making decision, based on facts;
- enhancement of quality management system efficiency through immediate reactions to audit findings, analysis of factual data and company quality management system;
- creating favorable working environment through systematic enhancement of industrial practices;
-  permanent monitoring of external and in-plant environment, open dialogue with all concerned parties.
Every employee makes a personal commitment:
- in quality management, understanding that efficient fulfillment of customers’ demands is directly related to the well-being of the whole working collective;
- in cost reduction for product manufacture through reasonable use of resources by revealing and eliminating losses;
- in personal professional development.

The management of Red Anchor Factory JSC is responsible for implementation of the Quality policy and is committed to: 
-  strictly keep to the set goals and ensure all the employees understanding and support of the  policy
- Permanently enhance productivity and efficiency of company’s work by constant improvement of the quality management system of the company.

CEO of Red Anchor Factory JSC, Mr. Dmitry Barykin 
the policy is approved by Order of CEO No 32 dated 11.05.2016