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Die tooling and die-molds production

Tooling repair and maintenance Experience that we gained in supply of high quality tooling for forming presses and dies of various complexity empowered us to create a full-featured center with powerful technical potential, wide production capabilities and highly qualified personnel for tooling design, manufacture and repair on the basis of Red Anchor Factory JSC.

Tooling development and production is carried out with due consideration of service characteristics under continuous control of the Quality Service at each step of the technological process. High quality, accuracy and cleanliness degree of the products processing is confirmed by the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate.

Certification check is carried out already at the stage of design documentation development and each workpiece passes multilevel control in our own accredited laboratory.




Modern machining centers TNA400, Cincinnati CFV1050 and CFV800 (Germany), Micron VCE 800 Pro and VCP 1000 Duro (Switzerland) provide the highest quality machining of rotary parts with complex configuration, enable high precision milling to achieve high surface quality and accurate finishing of parts with complex configuration.




Through impeccable quality of the tooling we offer our Customers the possibility of fault-free mass production of identical products.





Red Anchor Factory JSC provides warranty, service and post-warranty servicing for the whole range of its products.

Dies production 

Several decades of experience in tool- and high-alloy steels empower us to design dies with higher hardness, required for cutting edges, and sufficient viscosity, necessary to protect dies from destructive impacts.

To increase cutting edges hardness of blanking dies, quenching and cementation of matrices and punches are applied as well as compulsory tests for compliance with operational requirements specifications



When manufacturing dies, modes of operation and state of the Customer's equipment are taken into consideration, and optimal solutions for the design and cost of the equipment are offered accordingly. Adjustment and alignment of all types of dies is done with our in-house press equipment.

Types of dies produced by Red Anchor Factory JSC:
  • blanking
  • punching 
  • cutoff 
  • ripper
  • rolling dies
  • bending
  • drawing
  • stamping dies
  • assembling dies
  • molding 
  • follow dies with completed cycle 
  • combination dies




Die-molds production

Red Anchor Factory JSC provides for start-to-end development and manufacturing of jigs and tooling for die casting: from design to testing of finished products.

Die casting is one of the most efficient mass production processes of parts from plastics, rubbers and low-melting metals; this is why the quality of die-molds is where a special focus is put.

Modern production equipment and highly qualified die-sinkers allow to realize even the most complex die-molds projects according to Customer`s drawings and technical documentation, including complex casting technology (multicomponent, casting with gas, assembling in the form, etc.) into finished products.

Our Design and technology department provides preparation for die-molds production using sketched graphics, 3D modeling, and photorealistic visualization of both the entire product and specific structural elements of the assembly model.




Design documentation is developed using modern computer-aided design tools, where the matrix, punches, signs, ejectors, cooling system and other elements are converted into program codes.
The main part of mold elements machining is carried out on CNC turning and milling centers and EDM machines. To ensure high-quality and durable work of the tooling, heat treatment (annealing, normalization, quenching) is used in the technology.
Types of die-molds produced by Red Anchor Factory JSC:
  • die-molds for casting parts from non-ferrous alloys
  • die-molds for casting and molding plastic parts
  • die-molds for casting and pressing rubber technical products
  • die-molds for pressing metal-ceramic materials
  • aluminum vacuum and casting molds
  • molds for powder metallurgy
  • die-molds for precision casting
  • chill molds and core boxes production
  • die-molds for melting models

Tooling repair and maintenance

While in service, tooling loses its quality characteristics, which as a result influences products quality.

In order to prevent defects and idle time of expensive equipment, Red Anchor Factory JSC offers servicing and repair of tooling, which allow you to reduce costs for manufacture of new tooling and reduce equipment downtime.

Red Anchor Factory JSC offers a special program of tooling complex maintenance and repair for enterprises with dies and die-molds stock.

Accessory tools production

  • molding and finishing tools;
  • centrifugal molds for workpiece casting; 
  • universal and changeable tool attachments; 
  • reusable machine-tool universal attachments; 
  • forging tools for manual and machine forging