About us

The core activity of the Red Anchor group of companies is focused on development of Russian industry through implementation of leading-edge innovative technologies into their own production and development of machine-building companies in other regions. 

Company resources:
• Total plant area – 170 000 m2 
• Area of workshop facilities  – 104 000 m2 
• Number of employees – 420 people
• Sales turnover in 2016 – 2.29 billion rubles 
• Investments in technology and production development in 2009-2016 – 24.2 million €

The name was inherited from the main enterprise of the group – Red Anchor Factory JSC. Initially the company’s area of activity was related to chain manufacturing.

For 2 centuries Red Anchor Factory JSC has been the largest Russian manufacturer of chains and components. It was founded in 1898, and 15 years later the first Russian manufacturing works not just fully coped with demand of all local ship-builders for high quality chain products, which previously used to be imported from Europe, but also exported its products to leading shipyards of the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries.Nowadays the company is still the largest Russian chain manufacturer.

Following the global trends in the extracting industry, the company is actively developing a new business-line for engineering and production of fixation systems of oil platforms, including ones for use in the Extreme North conditions. For example, in 2008 the company designed and manufactured a complex of anchor and mooring equipment intended for application in Arctic conditions for Prirazlomnaya platform.

Another major business line of the group of companies is design and production of industrial and civil-purpose steel structures, including steel structures for serial construction of low-rise frame houses. The company cooperates with the best steel manufacturers in Russia to produce steel structures intended for use in the Extreme North regions.

Thanks to the close partnership with iron and steel companies, Red Anchor group of companies arranged a storage area on their premises to store rolled steel products for their own needs in the beginning of 2000-s. Later the storage area was used as a hub for deliveries of wide range of rolled and flat steel products, heat-resistant, stainless and special-purpose steels to the companies of Volga region. In 2013 the company joined the top three largest retailers of rolled stock in Nizhny Novgorod region.

In 2009 an engineering and technology center was founded as a part of the group of companies to develop and implement ЕРСМ-projects on local machine-tool factories. The center forms a partnership with leading machine-tool companies of Europe and Asia. Since it was established, the center became a large engineering company. Gained experience and new high-technology machine-tools helped to arrange the companies own metal-working production facilities.

Thoughtfully selected machine-tool fleet and highly qualified staff give confidence to manufacture parts of any complexity. The machine-tool fleet includes turning and milling machines as well as gear-hobbing and special purpose machines. If necessary, the company can perform engineering of parts or structures. The design-&-engineering service will develop drawings and requirements specifications for manufacture of single components as well as complex structural units. The company’s design-and-engineering service interacts with leading Russian design laboratories and reliable partners from the UK, Israel and Germany.

In 2016 an assembly factory project based on the center facilities was launched in cooperation with the German machine-building concern FFG Werke GmbH for production of turning and milling machines under the government policy of production localization. At the initial stage only assembly is planned at the factory with the output of approximately 100 sets of machine-tools a year. In the future 60-70% of production is planned to be localized.


Red Anchor field of activities covers practically all industrie

Shipbuilding and
ship repair

Extracting industry

Extracting industry  

Automotive industry

Oil and gas industry